Achievement No.1!! Coach to train world champions Roksanda’s seminar – Must-win tactics –


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 61 min.

*English & Japanese

Produced two Olympic gold medallists!
The storongest and latest techniques has been revealed!

  • Introduction
  • Footwork with Obi
    ·Footwork with Obi 1 Quick switches keep Maai (spacing)
    ·Footwork with Obi 2 Attack immediately after avoiding Obi.
    ·Methods of movement to maintain proper Maai (spacing)
    ·Footwork with Obi 3 Determining when to attack
    ·Footwork with Obi 4 Avoiding Obi attacks
    ·Footwork with Obi 5 Touch the opponent while avoiding Obi attacks
    ·Footwork with Obi 6 Strong and complete Waza while avoiding Obi attacks
  • Controlling Maai (spacing)
    ·Putting strong feelings out into Waza
    ·Attack while controlling Maai (spacing)
  • World dominating while and step work
    Set up with back to side step work (in mirror stance)
  • World top-level techniques
    ·World top-level techniques 1 Three ways into
    1) Feinting of the opponent to get in
    2) In the moment your opponent moves sideways -> Kizami-zuki
    3) After Kizami-zuki, in when the opponent moves opposit -> Mawashi-geri
    ·World top-level techniques 2 Kizami-zuki from Yoko-geri or Ashibarai
    ·World top-level techniques 3 Chudan-zukiI feints -> Jodan-zuki off the line
    ·World top-level techniques 4 1 vs 5 random attack exercise in all directions
  • Coach Dragan’s Nage (throwing) techniques
    ·Nage (throwing) techniques 1 Mow lightly in steps 1, 2 and 3
    ·Nage (throwing) techniques 2 Double try with left and right leg
    ·Nage (throwing) techniques 3 In case of mirrors
    ·Nage (throwing) techniques 4 Ashibarai
  • Message from Coach Roksanda

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