AMIR MEHDIZADEH Seminar in Naniwa -Win the world throne with the balance power of attack, defense and agility!-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 100 min.

*Japanese and English

Amir who won the -60 kg class twice at WKF World Championships.
Master the difficult movements with daily training firmly and perform as you want in the match.
That is the teaching of the world champion fighter.

  • Introduction
  • Warm up
  • Jodan Gyakuzuki stretching open hand and stroking at full strength
  • Respond to random movements and get points
  • Attack only by stepping in with the front leg using Gyakuzuki
  • Attack with superspeed while maintaining Maai
  • Maintain your balance when doing Mawashigeri and Uramawashi
  • Attack and defend simultaneously with the Uramawashi and Ushiro Uramawashi techniques
  • Attack/Defense/Agility training with the belt that use of the knees and upper body for flexibly
  • The Ashibarai technique that got world throne
  • Voice & Interview

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