BOYS and GIRLS Karatedo Championships SUPER TECHNIQUE 2


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 53min.

*Japanese Only

An advanced technique explodes the grade-schooler.
Collection having of ENBU of victory KATA.
The kids field of the level up every year … Best DVD for the image training before it plays a game is completed!!

  • 8th Super Technique  1-3 year student
  • 8th Super Technique  4-6 year student
  • 9th Super Technique  1-3 year student
  • 9th Super Technique  4-6 year student
  • 10th Super Technique  1-3 year student
  • 10th Super Technique  4-6 year student
  • 10th Champion’s KATA  1-6 year student

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