Champion Kumite Seminar “Nishimura Ken’s Karate-Techniques” -Improve your Keri control !!-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 92 min.

*Japanese and English

  • Warm-up (Trainer Naoki Sakaguchi)
    ·Importance of warm-up
    ·Hip joint stretch
    ·Front thigh stretch
    ·Front chest stretch
    ·Spine / Back thigh stretch
    ·Flank stretch
    ·4 points support movement
    ·Stabilize the axis
    ·Step in Sonoba
    ·Side step in Sonoba
    ·Kamae and changing footsteps
    ·Wide stance to knee touch
  • Step-up
  • Relaxed arms and Kizamizuki from a distance
  • Close distance and rapid One Two
    ·Front foot (Kenken) step
    ·The first is at a distance and you come in on the second
  • Front leg Jodan-keri
    ·Firmly raise your knees
    ·Reversing with the pivot foot (rotation)
    ·Front leg turning Keri
    ·Open your hip joint
  • Practice holding your knee high
    ·How to execute a Keri that looks good
    ·Executing an Uramawashi
  • Uramawashi
    ·Come forward (Sen-no-sen)
    ·Move back (Go-no-sen)
    ·Tips for Uramawashi (Side and Backwards)
    ·Close combat
  • Cool-down (Trainer Naoki Sakaguchi)
    ·Importance of cool-down
    ·Breathe slowly
    ·Crotch and thigh stretch
    ·Buttocks stretch
    ·Front thigh stretch
    ·Waist stretch
    ·Front chest stretch
    ·Flank / Back stretch
    ·Deep-breathing with spread-eagled
  • Message from Nishimura Ken Sensei

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