Champion Kumite Seminar “Nishimura Ken’s Karate-Techniques Vol.2” -How to Super Battle Techniques-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 137 min.

*Japanese and English

  • Introduction
  • Warmup and Preparatory exercise
  • Warmup steps
  • Kizamizuki -Speed, Power, Line techniques-
  • One-two -Make your second Tsuki dynamic-
    ·A single leg one-two
    ·Hop-on-one-foot one-two
  • One-two – Using a Chudan form to do Tsuki on the Jodan-
  • How-to technique in the corner
  • How-to technique on attack
    ·Freeze then do Tsuki
    ·Avoid then do a Tsuki
  • Tsuki attack/defense after ducking
    ·Push the opponent to create space then do a Tsuki
    ·Moving on your own to create space then do a Tsuki
    ·Avoid, then from there do a Tsuki
  • How-to technique on defense
    ·Do Uke and Uke then do a Tsuki
    ·Containing with a Kekomi
  • Chudan Keri while disengaging
  • Chudan Keri, Jodan Keri and Ura-Mawashigeri during close combat
  • Message from Ken Nishimura

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