GOJU-RYU KENPOU SECRETS SEMINAR of actual combat technique concealed in KATA -SEIPAI- by Yoshio Kuba


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Sensei Yoshio Kuba was said.
“It can be said that it is the strongest if KATA can be used for most actively… “
KATA with extension of infinity.
Let’s understand the technique kept secret in the KATA, and make the best use of for the actual combat.

All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 80min.

*Japanese Only

  • Secret of base
    • Uses of SEIKEN ZUKI
    • Uses of HIRAKEN
    • Application of NUKITE
    • Uses of MAE GERI
    • Uses of GEDAN UKE
    • Application of GEDAN UKE
    • Application of JODAN UKE
    • Uses of CHUDAN UKE
    • Uses of KAKE UKE
    • Uses of TAISABAKI

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