High Speed Lesson of Tomoko Araga -Improvement of body trunk, speed, and technique-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 77min.

*Japanese Only

Gold seminar with which maxim is sprinkled!
The results of 2 straight victories of the world and the “Japan’s most pleasant” gold seminar by the born leadership!
Thorough instruction to win careful by the basic training and Kumite technique training that featured the theme of “speed” and “concentration”!

  • Promise and dash jump repertory of the lesson to obtain the speed
  • Basic lesson for the speed and the meaning
  • Kumite technique speed training and the meaning to obtain the speed
    Kizami, Gyaku-Zuki, One-Two and Keri using the slode etc.
  • Araga style of thinking and Q&A

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