Hiroshi Akamine Ryukyu Kobudo Seminar “Bo and Sai basics” -The secrets of karate learned from weapons-


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The basis of both kobujutsu and karate is the use of the body.
Without that mastery, the techniques of kobudo cannot be perfected…

All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 137 min.

*Japanese and English


Basics of Bo

  • How to hold Bo
  • Preliminary exercise
  • Basic stance of Bo (Kamae)
  • Chudan-zuki: Basic No.2
  • Shomen-uchi: Basic No.1
  • Shomen-uchi -> Chudan-zuki: Basic No.3
  • Gedan-uke, Gedan-nuki, Gedan-barai: Basic No.4
  • Chudan-uke: Basic No.13

Basic Kata (Kihon-gata) of Bo

  • Kihon-gata 1
  • Gyaku Yoko-uchi: Basic No.7

Basics of Sai

  • How to hold Sai
  • Chudan-zuki
  • Jodan-uke
  • Chudan-uchi-uke
  • Gedan-uke
  • How to swing Sai up
  • Basics of Sai (1)-(5)
Basic Kata (Kihon-gata) of Sai
Enbu of Kihon-gata and Summary

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