J. LEFEVRE Seminar in Shizuoka -Level up! High Performance Training-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 114 min.

*Japanese and English

Recommended for Advanced Karate-ka Aiming to be Champion

  • Warming up
  • Moving the center of gravity & Max Speed Kizamizuki from Feint
  • Immovable Yoseashi (Sliding step) & Attack
  • Keri exercise using hip rotation
    ·How to use the stretch reflex like a ball
    ·Keri combination technique using small steps
    ·Lunge hip Keri (kick) – Level 1~3
    ·Rapid hip Chudan-tsuki from returning Mawashigeri
  • Center of gravity on back-leg counter combination technique
    (Feint Kizamizuki→Mawashigeri→Side step→Kizamizuki)
  • Back center of gravity thrust in one movementi
    ·Sway counter move! Thrust to road from Chudan to Jodani
    ·Push the opponent’s shoulders with short Hikitei
    ·Use Chudan-tsuki by moving the center of gravity and controlling far Maa
  • Long Gyakuzuki using hip rotation & effective defensive Kamae
  • Combo technique pair-match training (Game)
  • Only advance forward! Nage (throw) using a modified the center of gravity balance
  • Concentration & reaction power training “interference” game
  • Instructions from the coach for using limbs in combination techniques
    ·Reading your opponent no matter the skill level
    ·Match types + Counter
  • Message from Lefevre-Sensei

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