J. LEFEVRE Seminar in Tokyo -Skill up! Multifunctional Training-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 133 min.

*Japanese and English

Movements Necessary for Kumite – Recommended for Beginners to Intermediate

  • Warming up
  • Exercises for improved balance
  • Thrust from the fist in a relaxed state
  • Counter slide side step & rising thrust
  • Footwork for center of gravity Movement 1
    (How to Make Instant Force)
  • Footwork for center of gravity movement 2
    (Hikite (pulling hand) and back step)
  • Footwork for center of gravity movement 3
    (Hip and shoulder rotation)
  • Keri exercise using hip rotation
  • Super speed combination technique
  • Nonstop combo variation
  • Combination technique exercise 1
    (Nonstop 8 combo from counter)
  • Combination technique exercise 2
    (Round attack while using in-out Maai)
  • Multifunction touch game
  • Message from Lefevre-Sensei

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