Junior LEFEVRE Seminar in Naniwa -Waist rolling is the essence of Karate-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 132 min.

*Japanese and English

He focused on using waist rolling for Tsuki, Keri, and defense, and taught us powerful secret techniques and how to control opponents. He worked tirelessly to create an extremely effective training regimen and teach us a new way of thinking.
Fast and strong techniques, the power to control opponents; studying these while practicing “waist rotation” will create a world champion!

  • Composite warm up
    ·Maai step exercise
    ·Preparation stretches
    ·Tsuki using waist rolling
  • Kizamizuki and Gyakuzuki using waist rolling
    ·Tsuki, fast and strong like an arrow
    ·Linear zigzag footwork
    ·Attack variation
  • “Counter touch game” to train explosive power
    ·Pay attention to the counter and react quickly
    ·Defensive Ura-mawashi
  • Keri excersise with waist rolling 1
  • Keri excersise with waist rolling 2
    ·Mawashigeri without hitting the opponent’s Kamae
    ·Combination of Mawashigeri and Gyakuzuki
    ·Performing a Keri with a properly opened hip joint to connect to the next move
  • Stepwork to use waist rolling
  • Chudan-geri using waist rolling
  • Powerful Kamae that can be used with many techniques
  • Mental technique for fights
  • Controlling Maai during a non-stop attack
  • Non-stop counter attack
    (Kizamizuki Counter-Gyakuzuki Jodan-one-two)
  • Non-stop defense
    (Using arms to manage the opponent’s Tsuki)
  • Controlling the opponent while defending
    (Long-one-two Push and Ashibarai)
  • Secret technique strategy
    (Rotating Ashibarai)
  • Multi-function touch game
  • Voice & Interview

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