Ko Matsuhisa’s Champion Seminar 2 -Decision rate up!! Tsuki which disappears, Keri which is not avoided-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 108 min.

*Japanese and English

Decision rate of the waza put on such latest technique raised certainly remarkably, and try to reach the “Top of Karate World”.

  • Introduction
  • Warming up & Emobility training
    ・Side step
    ・Knee flexibility
    ・Hip joint
    ・Jump & dash
    ・Getting up without using hands & dash
    ・Alligator crawl
  • Throwing one-two punch simultaneously with both hands
  • Keri delivered while facing away
  • Ura-mawashi made to look like Chudan-geri
  • Keri during close combat
  • Fighting for Chudan
  • Fighting for Chudan 2
  • Attack while moving sideways
  • Get ready on the spot and attack
  • Message from Ko Matsuhisa, Sensei

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