Ko Matsuhisa’s Champion Seminar


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 219 min.

*Japanese and English

-Just a little more, just a bit further, and you will reach your goals! How to build the techniques, physique, and spirit needed to make it all possible-

Think by yourself !!
And try anything !!

  • Shoulder-blade stretch
  • Hip joint stretch
  • Ankle stretch
  • Datsuryoku (Relaxation)
  • Warming-up and footwork
  • Warming up before Kumite match
  • Tsuki Training 1 (How to Tsuki launching your ring finger)
  • Tsuki Training 2 (How to Tsuki while avoiding detection)
  • Tsuki Training 3 (Creating chances)
  • Touch Kumite
  • Sonoba Sumo (On the spot Sumo)
  • Keri training 1 (How to Keri without using your upper body)
  • Keri training 2 (Slide)
  • Keri training 3 (Uramawashi)
  • Keri training 4 (Sasori-geri)
  • Nage training (Throwing training)
  • Q & A

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