Kumite Ashiwaza (A Foot and A Leg Waza)


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 50min.

*Japanese and English

  • Maegeri(Front Kick)
  • Kizami Maegeri(Front Kick with Front Leg)
  • Kirikae No Kizami Maegeri(Switchover Front Kick with Front Leg)
  • Mawashigeri(Round house Kick)
  • Kirikae No Kizami Jodan-Mawashigeri(Round house Kick with Front Kick)
  • Feint Maegeri Kara No Jodan-Mawashigeri(Upper Round house Kick from Front Kick Feint)
  • Surinuke No Han-Mawashigeri(Slipping in Short Round house Kick)
  • Uramawashigeri(Inside Round house Kick Instep)
  • Jodan-Uramawashigeri(Upper Inside Round house Kick Sole)
  • Ushirogeri(Rear Kick)
  • Jiyu Kumite(Freestyle Kumite)

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