Okinawan Kenpo “Basic Techniques” Seminar by Yoshitomo Yamashiro -Philosophy and usage, acquiring them makes a technique-


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This DVD is a condensed content that teaches the basic techniques for fighting, how to stand, how to use the body, and the way of thinking that is the basis of Okinawa Kenpo.

  • How to stand in Naihanchi
  • How to stand in the Seisan
  • Oshiai (moving softly)
  • The principles of striking
  • Maai training (capturing the moment)
  • Striking without the power of the arms
  • Passing by technique (crossing method 1)
  • Pinan technique (crossing method 2)
  • Aligning the COG of your entire body
  • Finishing remark
  • The 1st Okimiya Karate Festival and Hono Enbu

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