Rika Usami’s Gold Seminar 2 Suparinpei and Tomari Bassai – The world’s best technique that creates speed and crispness! –


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 112 min.

*English and Japanese

  • Greeting & Warm-up
  • Ways of thinking about and using the body
  • Basics training of Tsuki, Keri, and Uke
  • Basic training on Sonoba
  • Technique that creates speed and crispness (a story from my time as a competitor)
  • Basic training to move
  • Steps to Suparinpei
  • Suparinpei Points
  • Some points of advice for Suparinpei
  • Steps to Tomari Bassai – 1st half
  • Steps to Tomari Bassai – 2nd half
  • Tomari Bassai Points
  • Reviewing Tomari Bassai

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