Ryuei-ryu KARATE Seminar -”Kata Secrets” of World Champions-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 172 min.

*Japanese and English

It is beautiful deeply.
It is the skill of God.
And it is KATA of the World Champion.

  • Greeting & Introduction of Instructors
  • History of Ryuei-ryu
  • Warming up & Basics
  • Special Features of Ryuei-ryu
  • Coaching by Tsuguo Sakumoto, Sensei (explanation of ANAN, SUPARINPEI)
  • Model Enbu and Key Points
  • SEIPAI by Azusa Tomishiro, Sensei
  • KURURUNFA by Yuka Shimizu, Sensei
  • SUPARINPEI by Takuya Uemura, Sensei
  • Special Enbu
  • HEIKU by Ryo Kiyuna, Sensei
  • PAIKU by Arata Kinjo, Sensi
  • ANAN by Ryo Kiyuna, Sensei
  • General Overview and Closing Comments

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