Ryutaro Araga’s Champion Kumite Seminar 3 RYUTARO LEGENDS “BASICS of the ATTACK” -Ever-changing offense and defense-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 105 min.

*Japanese and English

The sense to get the defensive power and the decision power!!

  • Warm-up
  • The fast footwork for attack
  • Kumite new rule “Senshu”
  • Training for surreal Keri (kicks)
  • Training for Keri (kicks) that dominate gaps
  • Touch game of Keri (kick) and defense
  • Training for reacting to Ura-Mawashigeri
  • Training for repetitive Keri (kicks) with changes
  • Basic training for ducking
  • Fast duck training
  • Ducking & Tsuki Level 1 (Sonoba/Stepping in)
  • Ducking & Tsuki Level 2 (Ducking your opponent’s Tsuki and landing a Tsuki)
  • Ducking & Tsuki Level 3 (Make the opponent react, evade, and land a Tsuki)
  • Ducking & Tsuki Level 4 (Keep a distance and make them react using Kizami Tsuki)
  • Training for increasing your ducking speed
  • Combination of ducking & Tsuki/Keri (punch/kick)
  • Instant transition to attack from ducking
  • Waza (Techniques) that controls ducking opponents
  • Summary of seminar
  • Question time
  • Message from Ryutaro Sensei

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