Seiji Nishimura Kumite Technique Seminar Vol.2


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 80min.

*Japanese and English

  • Ladder Training
  • Punching training using mitt.
    1. After doing the double feint, do Mawashigeri.
    2. From Osae to the feint of Ashibarai, then Ura-mawashigeri to the inside.
    3. Mawashigeri pushing from the other side.
    4. Nanamemaegeri
    5. Master the feint by the knee then how to move onto Ashibarai.
    6. Chidanzuki, then Uemawashigeri from the side.
    7. Maai and Back spin kick.
    8. Kegaeshi
    9. Chudan-mawashigeri from the inside, then Jyoudanzuki.
    10. Swing kick

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