SEMINAR of EXPERT OF MATCH 4 by Shin Tsukii -The line is removed and the first move is taken away!-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 138 min.

*Japanese only

28 Feb.-1 March 2015/Kumamoto, JAPAN

New theory � Shikodachi step opening to the public.
“The player who wins is different in Kamae.”

  • Strength of Shikodachi Kamae
  • Tsuki that becomes long
  • Basic training of Shikodachi Step
  • Basis of Shikodachi Kamae
  • Shikodachi Step and Kizamizuki
  • Shikodachi Step and Gyakuzuki
  • Shikodachi Step and One-two
  • Training of how to use upper part of the body
  • Shikodachi Step and Keri
  • Threesome training
  • Training of counter measures
  • Nage for new rule
  • Ashibarai

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