SEMINAR of EXPERT OF MATCH by Shin Tsukii -Kumite changes by “without power of the hip joint” and the image


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 97min.

*Japanese only

10 July 2011/Tokyo, JAPAN

“By without power of the hip joint can exert more, you can run faster, not to react against,” introduces the theme of how to training.)
[Infallible Kizami-zuki], [When the opposite stance Jodan-zuki] and [Base of ducking] etc. it approaches the forefront technique and the policy act in the Kumite match.

  • Coin training
  • Infallible Kizami-zuki
  • When the opposite stance Jodan-zuki
  • Tsuki of evade the opponent’s guard
  • Positioning of Maai
  • Base of ducking
  • Uchi-Mawashi-Geri
  • Shuttle Run & Punch

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