Side story of TOMARI-TE Seminar -Okinawa Kenpo, Competition Karate and Mixed martial arts; The miraculous-


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p>All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 61 min.

*Japanese and English

The important thing is to keep the trunk of your body in place.
The most important thing is to not interrupt the flow of center of gravity!!

  • Training Maai 1 (Fighting on the edge)
  • Training Maai 2 (Don’t cut movement of the center of gravity)
  • Training the “Secret” Nage
  • Combat training 1 (Invisible Tsuki and response, Adjusting center of gravity)
  • Combat training 2 (Tighten up the Maai and get the upper hand)
  • Training Kamae that will prevent your opponent from acquiring a clear target
  • Combat training 3 (From deadlock to Nage and Combat)
  • After training

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