Side story of TOMARI-TE Seminar -Old style technique to conjugate in competition karate-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 88 min.

*Japanese and English

Sensei Akihiko Kijima who brought up the Kinki University Karatedo club into “the strongest.”
Yoshitomo Yamashiro who believes that the Okinawa Kempo has value if it is conjugated by the competition.
As for the old style karate, what is introduced into the competition karate?
What does the competition karate feel from the old style karate?
Skilled players gathered in the Kinki University Karatedo club Dojo!!

  • Tsuki power
  • Control of center of gravity
  • Kuzushi by the technique to touch
  • Nage from state which touched
  • Balance of opponent and your center of gravity
  • For remove hand gripped by opponent
  • Opponent’s attack is touched on
  • Sense that takes away first move
  • Mental condition which wins pressure- Time’s up training
  • Finish a seminar

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