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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 30min.

*Japanese Only

Supervision: Japan Karatedo Federation / Japan Senior High School Sports Association Division of Karate-do

The objection of this video:

One big characteristic of Karate is that people can practice it depending on their ability even though it is often pointed out only its fierceness.

Recently, number of women competitors has been increased and Karate is gaining popularity as also a women’s event regardless of age groups such as adult, university, high school and other age groups.

Lack of physical exercises and our weakness of mentality in people’s modern life are often pointed out. In order to train yourselves and nurture your mentality, Karatedo must be gaining more and more popularity because its spirit is to respect the opponent and to nurture a fair and impartial attitude. In this videotape, basic techniques especially “Tsuki”, “Keri” and “Uke” have been recorded under supervision of Japan Karatedo Federation and National High School Gymnastics Federation Karatedo Division. Please use this videocassette for improvement of your Karate skills properly and for Karate instruction.


Saho & Tachikata/ Manners and Stances Ritsurei, Zarei, Heisokudachi, Sanchindachi and 15 other stances

Names and parts for offence and defenseDetailed illustrations on fists, palms, arms, feet and knees have been recorded.

Basic techniques
Uke (Jodan, Chudan, Gedan and so on)
Tsuki (Gyakuzuki and other techniques)
Basic techniques and point to see of Uchi

Practive method
And other useful contents have been recorded.

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