THE GREATEST EGEA SEMINAR Vol.1 Basic chapter of Kumite technique of Spain style


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 90min.

*Japanese and Spanish

The world technique of impact!!!
This DVD has opened a super technique of the world champion “EGEA of Spain” who accomplishes three successive victories of the WKF Championships to the public first.
“Small can beat Big”…it was in courage and intellect and the foundations and magic of EGEA!
The foundations of the Spain style Kumite, application, and the ultimate skill that takes three points from various scenes are must-see!!

18 December 2011 / Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

  • Notes of Gyaku-Tsuki
  • Base of Keri
  • Positioning after attack
    1. Combinations with Mawashi-geri and Gyaku-zuki
  • Knack of Ashibarai
    1. Combinations with Sabaki and Gyaku-zuki (Keri, Ashibarai and Nage)
  • Variation of Nage
  • Training of phased Uke
  • Training of Kumite of match form
    1. Shoulder is touched.
    2. Eyes are closed.
    3. A forelimb is fixed and Kumite is performed with a front fist.
    4. Hind legs are fixed and Kumite is performed by Keri.
    5. Kumite is performed carrying out remote control operation using a belt.
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