The Power Which Changes & The Power Which Makes You Change – “Modern Karate-do Theory” –


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Shiroku ban (130mm x 188mm) size 184 pages.

In English.

Author: Masao Kagawa

  • Chapter 1
    Something We Have to Look for by Ourselves

    #Shape of the Future
    #Younger Days
    #Karate-do as Hope
    #Teikyo University Karate-do Club
    #My Will

  • Chapter 2
    How Can You Be Strong?

    #The Way of the Instructor
    #Abandoning Myself
    #The Opponent I Must Defeat
    #The Decision to Win or Lose

  • Chapter 3
    “The Power Which Changes and the Power Which Makes You Change”

    #The Limitations of “I will Show You”
    #What Should be Changed
    #Laying the Foundations for the First Victory
    #How to Make Them Think
    #’Explanation’ and ‘Disclosure of Information’
    #Good Tradition and Bad Tradition
    #The Importance of Winning.

  • Chapter 4
    Budo or Sports

    #Is Competition Necessary in Budo?
    #A Trial and An Error for Modernization
    #Karate-do Theory by Sensei Nakayama
    #Open your heart and Cultivating Future
    #The Meaning of ‘Sundome”
    #Fight and The Method of Yakusoku Kumite

  • Chapter 5
    Controlling the Heart and Body

    #Learning from Wheelchair Karate-do
    #The Power Which is Generated by “the Movement of Whip”
    #A Technique You Withdraw and a Creativity whichYou Support
    #Punch by Pulling the Hand
    #Breaking Form

About the Author
Masao Kagawa Masao Kagawa was born in Osaka, Japan in 1955. He is a Japan Karatedo Federation 8th dan, Director of Japan Karatedo Federation National Team Training Committee, Adviser of World Karate Federation Technical Committee, Director and Shihan of Teikyo University Karate-do Club, and Shuseki Shihan of NPO Japan Karate Shoto Federation. As a competitor, he reached the top levels in both Kumite and Kata. As a coach his teams’ titles include: “The 1st IBUSZ World Cup” Team Kata (Gold), “The 28th National Karate-do Championships” Kumite and Kata (Gold), and “The 3rd Shoto Cup, World Karate-do Championships” Kumite (Gold). In addition, he has coached Teikyo University Karate-do’s Team to title victories in four different divisions. He also led the team four years successively with three gold medal winners. His skill formerly as a competitor and now as a coach is highly respected. Mr. Kagawa continues to promote karate-do not only within Japan but worldwide.

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