The sect is exceeded and challenges the world -Karate-ka, Toshio Matsumoto-


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Half technique,half willpower,you can do it by all means if do it.
And you can win by all means.

“Matsumoto method game Karate victory theory” constructed for 34 years of powerful high school Karatedo club supervisor. Between the past and present, the instructional method to which many appear one after another the world-class powerful player is made.

All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 168min.

*Japanese Only

What is the tactics to catch Japan and the world?
The second product which approached in an actual fighting method.

  • Supervisor Matsumoto’s (Utsunomiya-Bunsei Girls’ high school) introduction
  • Coaching idea
  • Basic training
  • Teaching of KATA
    �Basis of KATA
    �Explanation Point 1
    �Explanation Point 2
    �Explanation Point 3
  • Teaching of KUMITE
    �Basis of KUMITE
    �Facing practice
    �MAAI from footworkv �Form of KUMITE match
    �Form of KUMITE match “Special match”
  • Interview
  • Supervisor Matsumoto profile

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