THE WADO-KAI MINO Super Kids Training System -Yamaguchi Method! An Evolving Threat Training System-


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Made possible by a link between body and skill! Kumite at full speed in every direction is awesome!

All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 88min.


  • Warm-up (Trainer Manami Tanabe)
  • Chudan Tsuki, the discoverer of the speed of “Sen”
  • Leg-raising stretch and Uramawashi
  • Back-conscious position and footwork attack
    *Kamae of Mino and adjustment exercise for beauty posture
    *One point advice on beauty posture position
  • Ultimate “Sen” – Kumite with a group of four people, front and back
  • Don’t stop moving! Omnidirectional sparring
  • An attack technique that links elbows, hips and knees
  • Practice! “Sen” of the front evolution VS “Sen” of the back evolution
  • Practice! Attack while controlling Maai
  • Practice! Go to the point using the corner
  • Cool-down (Trainer Manami Tanabe)
  • Interview with trainer Manami Tanabe
  • Interview with Sensei Akiyoshi Yamaguchi

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