To study basis of KARATEDO thoroughly Vol.4 [Practice and Match]


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A4 size 32 pages.

Supervision; Japan Karatedo Federation

Requiring martial arts starts in Japan when the junior high school is taught in 2012.
In this series (Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3 and Vol.4), it plainly introduces knowledge necessary to study “Karate road” that is one of the martial arts thoroughly for the child by the photograph and sentences.

Japanease only

  • Practice
  • Preparation physical exercise / Arrangement physical exercise
  • Sonoba Kihon
  • Idou Kihon
  • Yakusoku Kumite
    *Jyodan Jyn-zuki/Jyodan Age-uke->Chudan Gyaku-zuki
    *Chudan Mae-geri/Gedan Barai->Chudan Gyaku-zuki
    *Chudan Jyun-zuki/Chudan Soto-uke->Jyodan Jyun-zuki->Chudan Gyaku-zuki
    *Chudan Jyun-zuki/Chudan Shuto-uke->Chudan Mawashi-geri->Hiji-uchi
  • Kumite
    *Kamae and Footwork *Basic technique *Combinations *Counter *Application
  • Kumite technique
  • Kata technique

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