TOMARI-TE Seminar Introduction to Naihanchi


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 110min.

*Japanese and English

In March, 2012, the truth and the secret of TOMARI Karate by Yoshitomo Yamashiro Sensei were exhibited by the seminar.
“What is Kata?” “What is power?” “What on earth is power?”
We understand the meaning of fundamental training in KATA, and manipulate power free.
The secret of Naihanchi…this is genuine “TEHODOKI” !!

  • Opening
  • Tomari-te and Naihanchi-dachi
  • Method and Meaning of Naihanchi-dachi
  • Naihanchi way of thinking
  • Order and details of Naihanchi
  • Bunkai of Naihanchi 1
  • Bunkai of Naihanchi 2
  • Rotation of center of gravity, Avoid, and Tsuki 1
  • Rotation of center of gravity, Avoid, and Tsuki 2
  • Earliness is made
  • Anticipation is reversed
  • Foundations and Essence of Throw
  • Instinct is deceived
  • Through training of Naihanchi, Q&A

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