TOMARI-TE Seminar Introduction to Seisan Vol.1


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 99min.

*Japanese and English

It prepares by breathing, and the COG of the whole body is connected and it is made to move.
It invites by eyes, and it strikes, and it receives, and opponent’s COG is controlled.
Exercise of Say Sun is “movement of the COG.” It links with the power poked at a stretch directly!!

  • Okinawa Kenpo -History and Idea-
  • “Tachikata” (stance)
  • “Line up COG”
  • Stepping of Seisan
  • Order and details of Naihanchi
  • Explanation of COG
  • Pushing each other
  • Reflex -Using brain’s optical illusion-
  • Seisan Kata -Kamae & Tsuki-
  • Reflex -Use self-defence ability-
  • Kata Seisan -Double punch & double block-
  • Kata Seisan -Harai Uke-
  • Kata Seisan -Rotating wrist-
  • Q & A

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