TOMARI-TE Seminar Okinawa Kenpo to be torrent in the competition Karate


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 90 min.

*Japanese and English

How deep you put in the opponent is “power”.
How long you put in the opponent fast is “match”.

  • Effective Kamae
  • Effective footwork 1 (Lowering COG)
  • Effective footwork 2 (Sideways movement to maximize the court usage)
  • Jodan Zuki variation 1 (Transferring COG to change Tsuki)
  • Jodan Zuki variation 2 (A technique to increase power by removing power)
  • Jodan Zuki variation 3 (A twist technique to extend Tsuki)
  • Effective footwork 3 (Changing the Naihanchi stance)
  • Jodan Zuki variation 4 (Deliver Tsuki without motion)
  • Two kinds of blows
  • Nage variation 1 (Basic principles of Nage and Kuzushi)
  • Nage variation 2 (Nage in accordance with the new rule)
  • Nage variation 3 (Faltering trunk of the body through reflex and Ashibarai)
  • Q&A

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