TOMARI-TE Seminar Training of Tomari-te


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 92min.

*Japanese and English

“The movement of the COG is power”, it is one only principle.
Throw, Kick and Punch, all these are movement of the COG.
Stance, Jostling, Okinawa-Sumou and Training of back muscle….
Let’s understand the principle of this training method and use them for your Karatedo.

  • Prologue
  • The main point of Naihanchi-Dachi
  • The main point of Seisan-Dachi, Set of the COG
  • COG movement to foreleg from hindleg. Arrangement of COG.
  • Maai (Distance) is got to know by Oshiai (Jostling) which set the COG. Theory of Kuzushi which looks for a partner’s weak point.
  • COG is moved in the state which has touched the partner.
  • Kuzushi using cutaneous sensation or vision.
  • Three kinds of “Training of back muscle” 1 -Back, arm, and fist are connected-
  • Three kinds of “Training of back muscle” 2 -Training by one arm-
  • Three kinds of “Training of back muscle” 3 -Circuit change to move from fist-
  • Start from clasp of fist or light parts.
  • Training of Uke to know the center of changing Maai (Distance).
  • COG movement is got to know by Okinawa-Sumou of point-blank range.
  • Training to feel a timing of Torite
  • Concept of the Okinawa-Kenpo training method

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