TZANOS FLASH Vol.1 BASIC -The fastest attack and defense in the world, Training which learns a strong body trunk and tactics-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 134min.

*Japanese and English

It is a young noble of Greece with the “fastest” technique in the world, and active-list World Games Champion “Georgios Tzanos” landed at Japan.
Seminar DVD which announced “the training method for Speed, explosion, and balance” and the “technique of punch and kick which it lets out like lightning speed” appears!!

11 February 2012 / Chuo-ku, Tokyo

  • Opening
  • Warm-up 1.2
  • Skillful trick 1 Control of Maai
  • Skillful trick 2 Attack which is not visible -Abbreviation of rhythm-
  • Skillful trick 3 After the other party is made to receive it, the technique is decided.
  • Skillful kick 1 Distance is cut with Keri.
  • Skillful kick 2 Keri by a small motion
  • Skillful kick 3 Keri of length
  • Skillful kick 4 Chudan-geri which pushed down the upper part of the body
  • Skillful kick 5 Switch and Keri
  • Skillful kick 6 Guess and Keri -Mawashi-geri~Ura-mawashi-geri, Ura-maawashi-geri~Mawashi-geri-
  • Skillful kick 7 Combination from Chudan to Jodan
  • Skillful kick 8 From the orbit of Chudan-geri to Jodan-geri
  • Skillful kick 9 Upper part is gradually kicked by Ushiro-mawashi-geri.
  • Skillful kick 10 Continuous kick without unloading leg
  • Skillful kick 11 A lot of kinds of kicks continuously put out
  • Skillful counter 1 Control of encounter
  • Skillful counter 2 Counter is decided by Ura-mawashi-geri.
  • Skillful counter 3 Aim at the moment that the other party set up.
  • Skillful reaction 1 Kumite of three to one -It reacts to the number-
  • Skillful reaction 2 Kumite of three to one -It reacts being touched-
  • Skillful reaction 3 Kumite of three to one -Continuous attack-
  • Skillful reaction 4 Shoulder is touched from back.
  • Closing

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