TZANOS FLASH Vol.2 APPLICATION -Defense and attack of super Speed, Technique logic of punch and kick & the secret in the world S


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 133min.

*Japanese and English

It is a young noble of Greece with the “fastest” technique in the world, and active-list World Games Champion “Georgios Tzanos” landed at Japan.
Seminar DVD which announced “the training method for Speed, explosion, and balance” and the “technique of punch and kick which it lets out like lightning speed” appears!!

12 February 2012 / Chuo-ku, Tokyo

  • Warm-up
  • Skillful step work 1 -Same Maai is maintained.-
  • Skillful step work 2 -Touch and Away-
  • Skillful step work 3 -Quick step-
  • Skillful step work 4 -Quick walk-
  • Skillful defense 1 -Block of continuous hits-
  • Skillful defense 2 -It avoids by the upper part of the body, without using a hand.-
  • Skillful defense 3 -Four kinds of distance for defense-
  • Skillful attack 1 -According to treading in, distance is cut, and counter.-
  • Skillful attack 2 -Five kinds of attacks from state of super-approach-
  • Skillful throw 1 -Basic grapple of wrestling-
  • Skillful throw 2 -How to sweep foot-
  • Skillful throw 3 -It puts and throws to the waist.-
  • Skillful throw 4 -Throws by scooping the foot.-
  • Skillful timing -Timing is remembered by using the belt.-
  • Block of attack by two or more persons
  • Attack by two or more persons is fended off.
  • Two or more persons are attacked in a different pattern and technique.
  • Attack by two or more persons is fended off moving.
  • Corner is shouldered.
  • Attack by a lot of people is fended off.
  • Cool-down

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