Shipping & Returns

Returned goods time limit and condition

When goods are unopened, please contact us within seven days from goods arrival.
We accept neither returned goods nor the exchange after the commodity is opened.

The carriage of the returned goods

Please pay the carriage for customer’s convenience.
However, our shop pays the carriage to the defective goods exchange and the exchange of the wrong goods deliveries.

Defective / Exemption from responsibility

When a bad quality is recognized in the goods purchased at our shop, please let us know them within seven days after goods arrival.

When based on a clear work mistake of our shop or our company, we exchange for a quality goods immediately.

Uncommonly, there is DVD player by which DVD or DVD-R cannot do the playback. For that case, please test watching with the personal computer.
When DVD does the playback without trouble by the general home DVD player (plurals) and PC (plurals) that our shop owns, we judge it to be a quality goods.
When we are poor in playback of the DVD due to DVD and compatibility with the DVD player, we do not judge it to be defective goods. Please understand.
And, the blur might be caused in the image of DVD.
This is because the vibration by the bout and the movement originates, it is not a defective.

About returned goods and the repayment of the goods which is not recognized as a defective, we do not accept at all. Please purchase after understanding it beforehand.

In every situation, when our shop makes amends to the customer by money of the repayment, the upper bound of the amount of compensation is a monetary amount of the commodity price and the carriage that the customer actually paid our shop.