High school Karate Full model change –Nihon Koku 2014-


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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 124 min.

*Japanese Only

Long, large, fast technique made from detailed step work and set up half of one’s body (Hanmi)!!

  • Warm-up
  • Kamae of Hanmi, and Step
  • Variation of Mitt strike
  • Tsuki completed with Hanmi
  • The switch is done from Kizamitsuki and Zanshin is taken.
  • Chudan-zuki and Back step
  • Variation of driving 1 (Big Zanshin)
  • Variation of driving 2 (Between technique and technique is made small. )
  • Variation of driving 3 (Keri)
  • The battle style for one minute 1 (Attacks and Receives)
  • The battle style for one minute 2 (Cutting Maai and Shortening Maai)
  • Consecutive Technique 1 (Tsuki from Nage)
  • Consecutive Technique 2 (Tsuki, Keri, and Nage on side of away)
  • Stretch of hip joint and Training
  • Supervisor Taiju Higuchi’s interview

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