Okinawa-Kenpo Karate-Do, YOSHITOMO YAMASHIRO The Art of Self-Defense -Contemplating on the art of self-defense in a new era-


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  • A New Art of Self-Defense

«Protecting yourself»

  • One on one-suppresses the center of your opponent and make the first move
  • One on two- cut the lines of attack
  • Make eye contact and break it
  • The principles of striking
  • Protecting oneself from an opponent attacking with a knife
    • Protecting oneself with a towel
    • Create a distance using a towel
    • An effective way to wrap a towel 1
    • An effective way to wrap a towel 2
  • Attacking with a towel

«Protecting someone»

  • Think about what you can do
    • Actual case study
    • The importance of training to intimidate with a loud voice
    • Crouch, keep a distance and intimidate
    • People who spot the attack intimidate with loud voices
    • Protecting while everyone intimidates using loud voices
  • Practice how to use the towel
    • Short-distance
    • Long-distance
  • A new form of arts of self-defense- many people protecting many others
    • The most important point in the art of self-defense, when protecting yourself

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