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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 101min.

*Japanese and English

“Power of TSUKI” which has already charmed many fans since sale of previous work DVD “Introduction to NAIHANCHI.”
Power to acquire by NAIHANCHI, How to stand and locomotion strategy, Notes and BUNKAI(SHODAN,NIDAN,SANDAN) complete is collected.
The talk with Katsunori Kikuno (mixed martial arts) and the precious practice image which played together are also recorded specially.

  • What is KATA? What is Naihanchi? The abyss of a Tomarite curriculum
  • About the power which he masters by Naihanchi?
    ·Power of Tsuki
    ·Strength of the Naihanchi Tachi
    ·The body which is not effective
    ·Power from a weak Position
    ·Destructive power is taken out with a little operations
  • As detailed as the Naihanchi tachi and the move method
    ·Point1 Leg is made to cross
    ·Point2 The width of a leg, tension in the knees position of the center of gravity
    ·Point3 Power born by Ayumiashi
  • Naihanchi details and notes of action
    ·How to move the arm which does not receive rule of the shoulder
    ·The receptacle on either side which wins popularity by unification of the whole body
    ·The attack of the Naihanchi beginning which dashes it self to the bone of an arm
    ·For covering the upper row with the first Uke
  • Naihanchi Shodan (front and side)
    ·Decomposition of the Naihanchi shodan and application change
  • Naihanchi Nidan (front and side)
    ·Decomposition of Naihanchi Nidan
  • Naihanchi Sandan (front and side)
    ·The conclusion of learning even in Naihanchi Sandan and decomposition
  • The basics of fighting – Practice explanation (Yoshitomo Yamashiro x Katsunori Kikuno)

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