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All-region(*NTSC Only)
Color: 97 min.

*Japanese and English

“Pinan is how to train the power of attack”
Power to acquire by Pinan, Stance, Move method, Notes of behavior, Bunkai are collected.
The talk with Katsunori Kikuno (mixed martial arts) and the precious practice image which played together are also recorded specially.
(With English subtitle)

  • About Pinan
  • About Pinan Shodan
  • Pinan Shodan Kata (Front Side Back)
  • Pinan Shodan Bunkai and Points
    ·Three Points
    ·Swap of legs
    ·Maegeri, Chudan Zuki, and Uke
  • About Pinan Nidan
  • Pinan Nidan Kata (Front Side Back)
  • Pinan Nidan Bunkai and Points
    ·About movement
    ·Uke Angle
  • About Pinan Sandan
  • Pinan Sandan Kata (Front Side Back)
  • Pinan Sandan Bunkai and Points
    ·Realizing the center and Tenshin
    ·When the axis is at the center of your body
    ·Push your axis outwards from the center of your body
    ·Push your body’s central axis away from your body
    ·Tenshin to your left/right
  • About Pinan Yodan
  • Pinan Yodan Kata (Front Side Back)
  • Pinan Yodan Bunkai and Points
    ·Practice being quick
    ·From Uke to opening your arms to Maegeri
  • About Pinan Godan
  • Pinan Godan Kata (Front Side Back)
  • Pinan Godan Bunkai and Points
    ·Nage that uses centripetal force
    ·Torite Basics
    ·Nage movement
  • “Allurement that takes opponent’s mind” – Practice explanation (Yoshitomo Yamashiro x Katsunori Kikuno)
    Why we begin with Naihanchi in Okinawa Kenpo
    Pinan’s history in terms of Tomari-te
    Relation with Kushanku
    Okinawa Kenpo’s position in MMA
    Create a bridge. What does it mean?
    Pinan Shodan’s grab
    COG movement
    Pinan’s idea of Oizuki
    Centripetal force of Okinawa Kenpo
    Pinan’s Kiai in Okinawa Kenpo
    Breathing method in Okinawa Kenpo
    Pinan’s Zanshin
    The basic of Kata is allurement
    Ultimately, it’s the mind.
    Pinan’s Keri

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