Resumption and temporary suspension of acceptance, delivery delays of mail items destined to various countries/territories (Updated on June 30)

[Notification from Japan Post]

Our acceptance of various international mail items has been temporarily suspended due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, we will resume acceptance of mail items as noted below from July 1.

・EMS and parcel-post/letter-post items by surface destined to China
・EMS and parcel-post/letter-post items by air destined to Italy and New Zealand
・Parcel- post/letter-post items by surface destined to Indonesia

For details on the countries and territories to which acceptance of mail is
still temporarily suspended as of July 1, please see the appendix(PDF:59kB).

We continue to temporarily suspend acceptance of mail items destined to these countries and territories because their postal operators are still not accepting inbound postal items and/or our transportation performance remains significantly reduced due to reduction of flights from/to Japan.

Meanwhile, although dispatch of United States-bound items that have already
been accepted will be completed soon, we continue to temporarily suspend
acceptance of various mail items to the United States because we are unable to make any prospect for securing sufficient transportation capability for the time being.

In addition, because of the global reduction of flights, considerable
delivery delays are expected for accepted outbound mail items.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. It would be appreciated if you
would kindly understand this situation in advance.

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